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Some of Our Incentive Highlights Below

Samba Night Experience

A Samba night thematic night experience inside a real Brazilian samba school pavilion. After renting the venue in exclusive basis, we can create a perfect samba party for your client.

The group will experience a Carnival competition between their participants, they will be dressed with carnival disguises, enjoy a fantastic outside catering and celebrate their trip in a fantastic atmosphere. A private show from the samba school host is also included. Drinks, fun, music, competition, dance in a real samba immersion.

Ask for more details for this thematic samba night, a 100% guaranteed successful event for your client.

Exclusive Transfer with veteran sedan

For a car company industry, this is a perfect chance to arrive to Rio in style.
We can develop the group transfer with use of veteran cars from your own brand. Fun, unexpected and a perfect way to start your incentive trip in the city of Rio with glamour.

Big Five Rio

The top 5 attractions in Rio in one tour

Rio de Janeiro is home to world-famous landmarks, natural wonders, and vibrant neighborhoods with different cultures. Discover the top things to see in Rio de Janeiro on this private tour with an itinerary that takes in five of the city’s most memorable attractions. Visit include a first stop at  Sao Conrado beach to see the hang-gliders, follows  with a visit to  the Christ Redeemer Statue at the top of the  Corcovado hill, Carnival Sambadrome and a visit Santa Teresa neighborhood, home to the colorful Selaron stairs. Before going to Sugar Loaf to see the sunset, we will stop on the way to have a  delicious Brazilian traditional barbecue lunch experience at  a fantastic restaurant located facing to the Guanabara bay and overlooking to the Sugar Loaf mountain. The order of the visits may change according to the weather conditions.

The Best Venues and Restaurants

Discover the best in terms of restaurants and venues for your dining out program or farewell dinner party.
Celebrate in high style with Rio Love Story.

The Brazilian Churrasco Night

The Brazilian meat is world known as one of the best in terms of quality and taste. Discover and taste the Brazilian barbecue experience with the best BBQ restaurants.

Discover an authentic Brazilian churrascaria · Try amazing Brazilian food · Enjoy a unique dining experience.

The Best Restaurants

Enjoy a fantastic seafood experience during your dining out program. Every night with a different gastronomic experience.

From  a fancy and delicious seafood all you can eat festival, in a location  surrounded with an authentic marine style decoration, or simply enjoy an excellent Mediterranean seafood in a kiosk located on one of our paradisiacal beaches.



Enjoy a buggy tour visiting the beautiful beaches and best sites from this colonial beach scape located approx. 3hrs from the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Carioca Beach Day Experience

We can recreate an experience of a typical day at the beach in Rio, with plenty of animation, soccer games and beach volleyball with specialized animators to develop activities for the group, such as caipirinha preparation classes, beach games or tournaments between the group’s teams.


Wild Beach Day at Grumari Reserve

Discover the secret and beauties of this preserved Rio de Janeiro cost side, located just one hour away from main hotels in the  South Zone part  from Rio.

Grumari Beach is one of the most preserved beaches in Rio de Janeiro, it is located in the West Zone of the city and is part of the Pedra Branca Environmental Reserve.

With its clear sands, crystal clear water and surrounded by nature, is considered a jewel by cariocas, besides being a beach very sought after by surfers and other water sports practitioners.

We can have a nice beach kiosk in the beach sand to support our event for lunch, drinks, sport and beach activities. A caipirinha contest, a beach volley championship between the group members.

We can setup a perfect beach point for your event, including beach chairs, beach umbrellas, delicious lunches, drinks and more. Feel like a real carioca and enjoy the best beach spot in town.


Congress & Events

Your perfect partner for your event or conference and your all-in-one supplier in Brazil, offering expertise for the following services:

  • Suggestion for the right Hotel accommodation and perfect meeting venue for your event.
  • Support with your meeting and your dining planning,
  • Needed materials,
  • Sound and video equipment,
  • Transfers, meals, and local multilingual host staff.


Amazon Cruise Experience

Travel and cruise in the Amazon Jungle abord your own and private regional vessel. Live this unique experience and discover the secretes from this breathtaking eco system.

A spectacular cruise through the largest ecosystem on the planet. Breathe in this adventure, and discover the beauties of different animals, plants, more about its people and get to know a fascinating Amazon, with glamor and tailored to your needs and desires.

Private regional boats from 04 up to 16 guests.


The Three Ecosystems

Travel and cruise in the Amazon Jungle aboard your own and private regional vessel. Live this unique experience and discover the secretes from this breathtaking eco system.

A completely unique and exclusive package for the nature lover. Combining three Ecosystems in one single amazing trip: The AmazonSavanna, and Pantanal.

In The Amazon, we will enter from the much less explored and crowded south side.

Pantanal, one of the largest inland wetlands in the world. Full of many different types of species, impressive flora and fauna as well as numerous rivers and freshwater lakes

Savanna is best represented by Chapada dos Guimaraes Canyons and Table Mountains, with its average altitude of 760 m above sea level and older than the Andes Chain.

A full immersion experience visiting 3 different ecosystems on the same trip.



  • Trekking from the Savanna to the Amazon forest ecosystem
  • Canoeing on Claro River
  • Diving with fishes in the Enchanted Aquarium
  • Walking tour along the waterfalls through the Chapada dos Guimaraes park
  • Sunset tour to the observation tower
  • Photo safari with canoe experience
  • Piranha fishing experience
  • Trek to howler monkey trail
  • night safari of nocturnal animals
  • horseback ride
  • Pantanal sunrise tour


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