Three Ecosystems Adventure

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A completely unique and exclusive package for the nature lover. Combining three Ecosystems in one single amazing trip: The Amazon, Savanna, and Pantanal.

In The Amazon, we will enter from the much less explored and crowded south side ( instead of the crowded Manaus entry point ). You will stay at the Jardim da Amazonia Lodge, a premier destination for nature lovers inside the most famous rainforest in the world.

The Jardim da Amazônia offers a special setting in the region of the headwaters of the rivers that form the Tapajós River, where there are springs of drinking water and a special vegetation of the transition between the Amazon rainforest and the savannas Mato-grossense. Jardim da Amazônia contributes with an important role of conservation to the environment, formed through a corridor of preserved forest along the Claro River. The main animals that we can see in this ecosystem are Solitary Tinamou, Royal Flycatcher, Silver Beaked Tanager Tie Bicudo, the biggest sweet water fish, Pirarucu, Yellow Macaw.

Pantanal, one of the largest inland wetlands in the world. Full of many different types of species, impressive flora and fauna as well as numerous rivers and freshwater lakes. On the excursions by jeep, by boat, on foot and on horseback, we will have the opportunity to explore this unique environment while seeing a variety of animals. If we are lucky we could see caimans, jaguars, monkeys, anteaters, tapirs, exotic birds etc. Here you will stay with us at the amazing Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge, built in perfect harmony with its surroundings and is self-sustainable. The main animals that we can see in this ecosystem, Giant otter, Jaguar, Tuiu, Ocelot, Anteater, Blue Macaw (risk of extinction) and the howler monkey.

Savanna is a bit different than the other 2 ecosystems that we will visit on this trip. It is best represented by Chapada dos Guimaraes Canyons and Table Mountains, with its average altitude of 760 m above sea level and older than the Andes Chain. This area is the main source of the waters flowing into the Pantanal lowlands. Its numerous waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and intriguing rock formations give an extra value to the beauty of the Savanna and its rich fauna and flora. The main animals that we can see in this ecosystem, is the Guara Wolf, Mountain Jaguar and the Green and Red Macaw. In the Savanna you will stay, immersed in this particular nature, at Park Eco Lodge.

Who is this program suitable for?
This program is ideal for people who love outdoor activities and are seeking unforgettable nature experiences. The activities are light to moderate, are suitable for a wide age range, from 9-year-old children up to seniors, and include educational features.



  • 2 nights in Jardim da Amazonia Lodge, with meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and 2 tours
  • 2 nights in Park Eco Lodge, with meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and 3 tours
  • 3 nights in Pantanal at Araras Eco Lodge, with meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and 5 tours
  • Private Transfers
  • Tours in the Amazon: Trekking, Canoeing
  • Tours in Savanna: Snorkeling, Panoramic Sightseeing, Trekking & Waterfalls
  • Tours in Amazon: Photographic Safari, Canoeing, Horseback Ride, Trekking, Piraya Fishing
  • Private English speaking local guide/s during the whole program, who are nature lovers and enjoy sharing their knowledge and respect for nature.


  • Flights to Cuiabá Airport
  • Arrive one day before, stay in a hotel in Cuiabá, to start the adventure early the next day
  • Extra night in any of the 3 locations


day by day program



( – / – / Dinner )

Pick-up and greeting at Cuiabá airport. (It is advisable to get an early flight).

Departure in a private transfer to the Amazon ecosystem (290 km on paved federal road – approximately 4.5 hours).

Arrival by late afternoon. Welcome drink and check-in at Jardim da Amazonia Eco Lodge.

Dinner and overnight 



( Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner )

Wake up and have a local delicious breakfast before we start trekking to explore the area. We will understand the transition from the Savanna to the Amazon Forest and get to know the local flora and fauna and hopefully some exotic animals that live here.

After the trekking we will have a delicious fish barbecue and you can relax in a hammock.

Later, canoeing on the Claro River, exploring the Anaconda Lake and enjoying the solitude of the jungle and its different life forms: (muscovy duck, long tailed tyrant, cormorant, Amazon kingfisher, green and rufous kingfisher, swallow tanager, herons…).

Dinner and overnight.


Amazon / Savanna

( Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner )

Breakfast and departure to the Savana Ecosystems which is much higher in altitude, has big canyons and here is where the regions rivers are born.

We will arrive in Bom Jardim to pick-up your equipment for the activities of the day and then we will start a 1 km trail to the Enchanted Aquarium and Salobra River, where we will snorkel among the fishes (several species and colors), in approx. 6 m / 19.6 ft. depth.

After the activity you will taste a delicious traditional local lunch .

In the afternoon, departure to the Savanna Tablelands (120 km – Aprox 1.4 hours) and during the transfer see panoramic views of the Chapada  dos Guimarães.

Visit the Geodesic Mark of South America for view over the plains and the birds.

Check in – at the Park Eco Lodge. Dinner and a recommended relaxing sauna before sleeping.


Savanna Tablelands

( Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner )

After breakfast, walking tour of the waterfalls through the Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park. The wind and rain sculpted intriguing shapes in the sand stone covered with rich vegetation. Birds singing and waterfalls add to the enjoyment of this trail. The tour ends with a visit to the Bridal Veil Waterfall and lunch at a local restaurant.

Returning to the Park Ecolodge, enjoy the private trails of the property and a walk to the observation tower. This is the place to be at sunset. It allows you a breathtaking view over the Sao Jeronimo Peak

Dinner and overnight.  


Savanna / Pantanal

( Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner )

After breakfast, departure to the lowlands of the Pantanal Ecosystem (197 km – approximately 3 hours) with a photo safari transfer and lunch on route.

Arrival at a Araras Lodge, welcome drink and accommodation. Later, you will be guided on an introductory walk through the surroundings of the lodge and its 12 m / 39 ft. high observation tower.


Savanna / Pantanal

( Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner )

After breakfast, we do a photo safari through private dirt roads towards  the river. Reaching its banks, board a canoe and paddle down the river, exploring the forest that grows by the riverbank and mangroves. Here lives a colony of “ariranhas” – giant river otters. With some luck, you may spot a family playing with their babies and teaching them how to swim and fish. Giants otters are very playful in family but fierce with other animals. Chance of fishing the elusive piranha which is famous for biting off the bait without the fisherman feeling it on the line.

In the afternoon, trek the Howler Monkey Trail to the Howler Monkey Tower, our highest observation point – 25 m high, for a magnificent view of the sunset. After dinner a night safari in search of nocturnal animals.



( Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner )

After breakfast, enjoy a horseback ride, to explore beautiful Pantanal plain and Its wildlife. The Pantaneiro horse is gently and has adapted, through the centuries, to breathe while eating with its nose under the water. In  this region, the horse is the Pantaneiro’s best friend, a daily companion during work and leisure.

Return to the lodge for delicious local traditional lunch.

In the afternoon, trek the Rondon Trail towards the 13 m high Jabiru Stork Tower, where you can watch a Jabiru Stork nest.

Return to the Lodge for dinner and overnight.


Pantanal / Cuiabá

( Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner )

Early rising to watch the spectacular sun rise here.

We will wake up early and head to one of the observations towers to witness the amazing Pantanal sunrise and see the animals waking up.

After, one last traditional, delicious farm breakfast we return to  Cuiabá airport (132 km – Approx. 2.5 hours) stopping to take some last photos, and end this amazing 3 Ecosystems trip, which should have left you with stories and memories for a lifetime.




total package price per person

Brazilian ecosystems package prices Araras Lodge

see video from one of our previous trips to pantanal

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Important Observations:

  • The high season dates for this destination are during National holidays (01/01, 15/02, 02/04, 21/04, 01/05, 03/06, 07/09, 02/11, 15/11) or from 12 to 18/10 or from December 18th to the end of January or the month of July. Important to reserve much in advanced.
  • Almost 100% of the food you will eat at the lodge/ranch in Pantanal are made from their own grown produce and meat, giving it a natural and delicious taste not found in any supermarket. If you have any special dietary needs then please let us know and we will accommodate
  • Any tour might be changed or replaced according to weather conditions
  • The tours are carried out according to the water cycle, therefore tours can change or be replaced if needed. The order of the tours can also change.

  • There is only one airport in Cuiabá = Marechal Rondon International Airport with code CGB
  • All three included lodges have accident insurance included and their staff are trained in first aid. However, we encourage you to acquire your own travel insurance that covers damage, loss, accident, and loss caused by delayed flights
  • Rio Love Story cannot be held responsible for any expenses caused by delays and / or cancellations of flights, such as additional transport or loss of the first night accommodation
  • Land transfer in 4×4 vehicle with air conditioning (up to 3 people) or 14 seats Van (from 4 to 10 people). Sanitized according to the Covid-19 Safety Protocols
  • Baggage during transportation, luggage should be limited to A medium suitcase and a backpack per passenger of medium size

  • All accommodations are 100% compliant with the Covid-19 Safety Protocols.

How to Pay:

  • 30% payment needed to reserve; the remaining part needs to be paid at least 70 days before check-in, along with the room list.
  • Payment can be done via PayPal, Local or International Bank Transfer, or Credit Card.

Cancelation Policy:

  • 90 days before check-in: no charge
  • from 89 to 80 days before check-in: 10% charge

  • from 79 to 70 days before check-in: 25% charge

  • from 69 to 60 days before check-in: 100% charge

what to bring on the trip

Essential Items:

  • Avoid bright colors. Neutral colors are best for Safari
  • Avoid black clothing because it attracts mosquitoes
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat or cap
  • Shorts
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Long pants
  • Long sleeved-shirt
  • A small backpack for day trips
  • 2 pairs of shoes – tennis/walking shoes and/or hiking boots
  • Sandals
  • Bathing suit
  • Rain coat
  • Dry-bag for camera or other water sensitive equipment
  • Cash
  • Passport
  • Waterproof sunscreen
  • During the months of June to August it can be cool, therefore please also bring a fleece or a sweater during this time of the year.
  • We kindly ask that luggage, per person, not exceed 50 pounds (23 kg).

Recommended Items:

  • Extra battery for camera
  • Ziploc bags for keeping things dry
  • Small first aid kit with personal prescriptions
  • Binoculars
  • Headlamp or flashlight + extra batteries
  • Non-breakable reusable water bottle
  • Appliance chargers, plug converters and/or charge adaptors
  • Toiletries Kit: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo (biodegradable products please)
  • Skin lotion and lip balsam
  • Personal medicines
  • Small supply of nonperishable snacks (avoid fruits/nuts to clear customs)
  • Contact lens or glasses and a spare


    Rain Season – from December to March

    As a sequence of the summer rain, part of the Pantanal becomes submerged, which reinvigorates the fauna and flora and so this area crosses one of its most exuberant periods. That is when, for example in Pantanal, it becomes the planet’s largest flood plain.

    Ebb Season – from April to June

    In April, the rain ceases and the level of the water begins to drop, forming lagoons and ponds, where thousands of fishes are stranded to banquet the aquatic birds. The temperature turns milder and the nights star-richer.

    Dry Season – from July to November

    The lack of rain shrinks the lagoons, the plain re-emerges and overland transport is resumed. The fields dry up, exposing vast areas for grazing, where mammals seek food and water in the remaining ponds. 

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