Is Rio de Janeiro safe and how can I mitigate the risks?

Like in most big tourist cities there are “tourist traps”and risk of being mugged/robbed. However, these risks can be mitigated by following these simple guidelines and should in no way stop you from visiting the Marvellous City because for sure you will have a great time.

– When using Uber, important that you to check the licence plate of the car before getting getting in
– Choose the right neighborhood to stay at from the beginning. The right neighborhood for you depends on what you will want to spend your time doing in the city doing.
– When on the beach, keep your eyes on your valuables or best yet, do not bring valuables to the beach
– At night, ask locals which neighborhoods are considered safe. In general be extra cautious at night in Lapa, Centro, and Santa Teresa
– Walk with a purpose and try not to look like a lost tourist or worse yet, a lost drunk tourist
– Most importantly – Do not drink alcohol is such quantities that you loose control and always eat before drinking!

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