Viking Adventure In Scandinavia

Hi, I am Tavi Norén.

7 years ago now since I asked for a transfer, from my employer of 16 years Ericsson (Swedish Telecom Giant), to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio had what I had been looking for as I was roaming the globe: incredible energy, fun and diverse culture and people, spectacular weather and beaches, and the possibility to have daily adventures. It is not a coincidence that the city is nick named “The Marvellous City”.

Adventuring has been my passion and that is why I created this cultural adventure trip which I call “The Capitals, Fjords, and Vikings in Scandinavia”  which will happen now for the second time in May of 2018. We will travel Scandinavia in the footsteps of the Vikings, going back in time and learn about Scandinavia today thru it’s history. We will visit the best Viking experiences the lands of the origin of the Vikings have to offer and see and experience the most beautiful sights made up of fjords, waterfalls, lakes, seas, daylight that last until midnight, and pure nature. We will get to know the capitals of the 3 main countries where the vikings came from: Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

Are you up for it? Let’s Go!


So if you are an adventurer, like a high-paced trip with a lot of happenings, interested in learning about Scandinavia today thru the eyes and actions of the Vikings, then this trip is for you!

This is not your typical tourist trip, where you sit back and relax in a tourist bus that takes you to conventional tourist spots. Instead you will enter into contact with the culture, how to do things the Scandinavian way, meet and make friends with locals, feel and live the Scandinavian culture.

2018 Trip Summary

  • Brazilians with a valid passport can enter into the Scandinavian countries and receive a tourist visa on the spot
  • We go thru 3 Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and know their capitals
  • Visit an authentic Viking restaurant where they announce your name to everyone when you enter
  • Go with boat over Kattegat leaving Denmark and going to Norway
  • Visit Viking Valley, a live viking village in a spectacular nature surroundings in Norway
  • See the most well preserved and oldest Viking ships in the world
  • Hike to the Pulpit Rock in Norway
  • Ride the Flåm Railway – one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world
  • Learn how to make a Viking Long Ship and sale one in Denmark
  • We will stay in comfortable hotels with 2 people in each room and breakfast included
  • All local transport included
  • All entrance tickets to the experiences included
  • Meet up on the scheduled day/hour in Stockholm or ask us about our group rates with KLM Airlines
  • Trip leader Tavi, native of Sweden who is also a Tourist Ministry Certified guide in Brazil
  • This trip aims to make you change afterwards from all the cultural experiences and adventures you will encounter
Viking Trip Route
Suglarloaf mountain Rio De Janeiro

2018 Trips

  • May Trip – Price & departure date TBD
  • June Trip – Price & departure date TBD
  • July Trip – Price & departure date TBD
  • August Trip – Price & departure date TBD

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Day by Day Plan (Programação Diária)

Stockholm (Sweden)

Day 1 (9/Aug)

  • A real Viking style welcome dinner at the restaurante & bar Aifur, Sweden’s only restaurante with a total focus on gastronomic heritage from the Viking age.

Day 2 (10/Aug)

  • Walking tour of the Old City part; learning it’s history and visiting small Viking shops.
  • Visiting the new museum Vikingaliv, the only museum in Stockholm with a total focus on the Viking era. DNA has here been used to recreate the Viking experience.
Malmö, Höllviken

Day 3 (11/Aug)

Visit to Foteviken Viking museum where you will find an entire Viking Age town reconstructed using the materials and techniques of the time.

Copenhagen, Roskilde (Denmark)

Day 4 (12/Aug)

We will return to Malmö where we’ll take a bus across the awe-inspiring five-mile Öresund bridge and tunnel connecting Sweden and Denmark. Our end destination is the small historical city of Roskilde.

Lejre, Roskilde

Day 5 (13/Aug)

  • We will take a train to Sagnlandet Lejre where we will find 10.000 years of Danish history brought to life. Houses and settings from the Iron Age, Stone Age, Viking Age and 1800th century, historic workshops and domestic animals, located in beautiful historic landscape.
  • In the evening we will visit the Roskilde Cathedral, from 1170 and the resting place of 38 kings and queens of Denmark, which is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We will end the evening at Klosterkælderen for something to eat and Beer tasting (They have over 120 beers and offers tasting).

Day 6 (14/Aug)

After a great Danish breakfast we will walk to the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum to learn of Viking boat building, craftsmanship, and see the 5 grand Viking ships from 1070.

Boat from Copenhagen to Oslo, going thru Kattegat

Day 7 (15/Aug)

We will take an Overnight Ferry from Copenhagen, passing thru Kattegat, the strait between Denmark and Sweden which became famous from the series Vikings. We’ll greet the sun as we glide up the Oslo fjord — one of the most scenic parts of our tour — and into Norway’s capital.

Oslo (Norway)

Day 8 (16 Ago)

  • After a great Norwegian lunch we will go see the world famous Oslo Viking Ship Museum, on the Bygdøy peninsula, with the world’s best-preserved Viking ships and finds from Viking tombs around the Oslo Fjord. After we will head over to the Historical Museum which has the country’s largest collection of items from pre-historic times and the Middle Ages; such as the weapons and gold of the Vikings and the early church art from the churches of the Middle Ages.
  • In the evening we will enjoy the local cuisine and atmosphere.

Day 9 (17/Aug)

We will get on a train and after a bus to get to Borre, where will will participate in an unique festival, at Midgard Historical Center, where metal music and Viking culture join ranks in spectacular historical surroundings. Bands such as Wardruna will play and in addition to the musical part of the festival, there will also be a Viking market in the daytime, where you can meet Vikings merchants, and learn about viking history and culture. Viking warriors will hold battles during the festival, and there will be various activities to try out and of course loads of good food and drink.

Myrdal, Flåm

Day 10 (18/Aug)

We will get on a first train that will take us to Myrdal and from there get on the Flåm railway, the most beautiful train journey in the world. Flåm Railway (Flamsbana) is a spectacular train journey that offers a panoramic view of some of the wildest and most magnificent nature in the Norwegian fjord landscape. On the 20 km-long train ride that operates between Myrdal and Flåm, you can see rivers that cut through deep ravines, waterfalls cascading down the side of steep, snow-capped mountains and mountain farms clinging dizzily to sheer slopes. The Flåm Railway makes a photo stop at the beautiful Kjosfossen waterfall. The twisting tunnels that spiral in and out of the mountain bear witness to the most daring and skilled engineering in Norwegian railway history and is truly a sight to behold. The end stop of the railway is the small picturesque village of Flåm, situated innermost in the Aurlandsfjord, an arm of the 204-km long and up to 1308 meter deep Sognefjord.


Day 11 (19/Aug)

We will take a ferry over a branch fjord of the Sognefjord which is called the King of the fjords for a good reason: it is the longest fjord in Norway and the second longest in the world. The Sognefjorden is enveloped with exceptional natural beauty, tall mountains, waterfalls and scenic forests. Our destination is Gudvangen which is an old Viking village and here we will visit Viking Valley. A place where you can interact with people re-enacting the Viking past, all in accordance to historical elements and spectacular nature. In the late afternoon we will jump on the express but that will take us to the “the gateway to the fjords”, the city of Bergen.


Day 12 (22/Aug)

After a nice local breakfast we will head to Håkon’s Hall which was built in the 13th century, shortly after the Viking era, by King Håkon Håkonsson. It was the largest and most imposing building of the royal residency when Bergen was the political centre of Norway. For lunch we will go to the local fish market which is in a charming location in the heart of the city between the fjords and Bergen’s 7 mountains. In the afternoon we will take another spectacular ferry ride to Stavanger.


Day 13 (23/Aug)

  • After breakfast we will walk over to the Museum of Archaeology, who’s Viking Voyagers exhibition takes you to the brutal yet fascinating Viking Age. A central part of the exhibition are the new Viking Age burials, recently found in Rogaland, containing keenedged swords, golden buckles and brightly coloured glass beads. Classical artefacts from the Museum’s collections bear witness to daring raids. Gilded, decorated Irish book clasps, beads of jet and large penannular brooches tell of voyages westward over the sea, while silver treasure troves including Arabic coins are proof of Viking expeditions to the East.
  • In the afternoon we will take a bus to visit The Swords in Rock Monument. It was here Harald Hårfagre fought a battle that united Norway into one kingdom in 872 AD. The monument represents peace, unity and freedom. The Viking swords are modelled on swords found in various parts of the country.

Day 14 (24/Aug)

We will go on a hiking adventure to experience the Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) which National Geographics has named to ”The worlds most iconic destination”. To get to the trail that goes up the mountain we need to take a ferry from Stavanger and a bus thereafter. Prepare with shoes with good grip! Up on the rock will be held the closing ceremony of this first and historical Viking adventure trip to Scandinavia! Smile, photo time!

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