Favela Vidigal Tour

We will get to know the most cultural and safest favela in Rio de Janeiro, Vidigal. The favela has many curiosities and secrets that we will learn about and the favela is today home to many artists and is full of entertainment.

The tour

  • Breathtaking view points in the favela that will get you likes on Instagram
  • Possibility to taste local Açai or other types of ice-cream that the people in the community sell from their homes
  • Visit the Favela Vidigal Ecological Park
  • Possibility for lunch in a local establishment (at extra cost)
  • Know the home designed clothes of some local designers
  • Go thru the small alley ways that makes the favela famous
  • Know the theatre “Nós do Morro” which is operating for 3 decades and formed several famous Brazilian actors such as a few for the film “City of God”.


The tour will take approx. 4 hours and will need mostly walking and sometimes uphill

Price per person: 25 USD/80 BRL

(discount with group 5 people or more)

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